Blackouts and empty skies

I am in the dark and set to the back of my mind.
Trying to think about the things from the past.

I am under the blanket and staring at the roof, 
which is no different from the sky, 
because I am in the dark, on a place without stars, 
trying to move on with everything out of control.

I really, really don't want to remember, 
but that is all I have left because right now I can't move. 
Time is lost and seems the same for all of us.

The place is a mess but you are too far away to see it.
You actually need to feel it, 
because fear is something you can't just look at.

Now I remember the smiles and the seven stars. 
But what I really want is the warm from you who is so far away.

— Álvaro Benavides 3/4/2019


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