How I became an Internet Magician and where I am heading now

Via WallpaperSafari

It was back in 2005 the first time I came to know about blogging, back in the day I was just a teenager that enjoyed building small websites and sharing my personal views of the world. I had some success in the early days of social media, I participated in MySpace and made a lot of friends around the world, and that was just for fun.

Later on I decided to attend to Mass Media at college rather than attending to Information Engineering, which would later adapt to what Social Media Developers are today. I didn't foresight on how the Internet Media would dominate over the traditional media, so in theory I was left behind, but I learned all the right communication theories and tools that help to create relevant content. One of my friends actually graduated as a full stack developer and I managed to learn how to code, manage SEO and even came to know about Bitcoin back in 2017 thanks to him, yet I didn't bother to join the Blockchain revolution until really late when escrow exchanges became popular over here.

Despite of me having such a nice experience on the Internet and the knowledge acquired during my years of University, I couldn't acknowledge myself as a professional, or someone qualified to create any work. I am not sure if it was because I couldn't graduate in time due to Venezuela constant crisis, or me being filled with terror and insecurity because I was stuck with bad grades. 

Social anxiety intensified on me, I decided to drop University just to  play Videogames and drive a gaming community that was dying without any leader. I went far for 3 years of me directing a Discord server and writing collaboration articles, it was nice because I was living out of my hobby, but it was not enough because I wasn't making enough money to sustain myself in this economy. I couldn't get to join the game developer, they wanted me to speak Chinese and have my University degree on hand, so in the end, I was just another influencer for them.

In a country with a flawed economy and very few job positions available I couldn't do much but accept jobs from the deep web. It wasn't any nice either but I was able to use my Media Production Skills in the process. When the jobs were finished, I was not sure where I would go, Blogging is still a thing, and YouTube is not going anywhere, probably I should have done more of that in the past, but I didn't because my computer is a toaster and my Internet can be compared to 90's DSL. 

During 2020 I deep dived in the money universe that exists on Instagram, where all the influencers are playing with Clickfunnels and selling their merchandise or money strategies. To be honest, this is just a playground of people selling strategies of how to work with big company names and tons of Marketing that goes in hand with some kind of E-commerce. So I felt dumbfounded when I realized that the marketing component that I dropped in the university were more valuable than my production skills... Now I am hooked reading tons of marketing articles and improving my blogging skills to introduce myself in affiliate marketing and improve my crypto trading knowledge.

Today I am writing this article after finishing my course of Fundamentals of Digital Marketing at Google. I know that it sounds silly that someone that I have been around in the Internet for so long as organic influencer that I never came to know the relevance of the marketing tools or actually introducing products to my audience in this blog.

I know that I will have problems with audience in the next days or months because I decided to start working with English as default language rather than spanish just for the reach. My spanish content is going to be moved to my books and another blog I will be releasing in the future. So where is the Money Magic?, you are reading it all in this article, blogging, marketing, and all the tools we usually use online everyday are part of how we monetize content and drive it to our public.