How I became an Internet Magician and where I am heading now

Via WallpaperSafari It was back in 2005 the first time I came to know about blogging, back in the day I was just a teenager that enjoyed building small websites and sharing my personal views of the world. I had some success in the early days of social media, I participated in MySpace and made a lot of friends around the world, and that was just for fun. Later on I decided to attend to Mass Media at college rather than attending to Information Engineering, which would later adapt to what Social Media Developers are today. I didn't foresight on how the Internet Media would dominate over the traditional media, so in theory I was left behind, but I learned all the right communication theories and tools that help to create relevant content. One of my friends actually graduated as a full stack developer and I managed to learn how to code, manage SEO and even came to know about Bitcoin back in 2017 thanks to him, yet I didn't bother to join the Blockchain revolution until really